npm005 (2023)


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Through live instrumentation and spacey interceptions of synth, Tarotplane presents an enchanting collection of tracks in ‘Murmuration’. Cycling through the traditional sounds of flute and guitar with bubbling electronics, an interwoven dynamic is established between the serene and exploratory. With an extensive catalogue of new age, krautrock, and ambient fusions on previous projects ‘Horizontology’, ‘The Ektachrome Dawn’, and ‘Light Self All Others’, Tarotplane continues to redefine his sound with charming character. ‘Papilionidae’ opens with a curious interplay between whining flutes and vast soundscapes, cut-up by thrusts of bird-like drones. The track acts as a pacifying opener, unfolding into a medley of synth leads and stuttered, blissful keys on ‘Descartes Camera’. Hypnotic patterns echo throughout ‘Murmuration’, continuing into Side B as fluttering sparks of electronics and heavy bass tones accelerate the project. ‘Murmuration’ becomes intense, and more rooted in electronic synthesis with the cosmic sound palette becoming ever-present. The strong sense of narrative is clear and mesmerising, with each sound adopting discernible characteristics. The gentle destruction of tones generates an impossibly vast space. The closing track, ‘Kappa and Sender’, ends the project with a distorted vocal passage struggling free from the sticky, extra-terrestrial soundscape. The track stimulates an intoxicating call-and-response feel, bundling Tarotplane’s seemingly.
Words by Lewis Dobbs

Track listing

A1. Papilionidae
A2. Descartes Camera
B1. Defining Centers
B2. Coming Of The Comet Kohoutek
B3. Kappo and Sender


Written & Produced by Tarotplane
Artwork by Alicia Carrera

Mastering by Alain Paul, Berlin

Layout by Oliver Sperl

Digital release date August 25th, 2023
Physical Sold Out

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