What we believe 

We believe that the music industry has a problem with unity. Traditionally a white male preserve, the industry has been slow to change and there are very few people of colour at all levels but particularly at leadership level. Too often women are marginalised and have little access to creative decision making in a majority of roles. We want to work together with other like-minded organisations to improve this situation and offer more opportunities to a wider group of people. 

The following 5 actions will not bring around change immediately, but will help move us closer to equality.

1. Pay interns / No longer use unpaid interns. 
2. Hire LGBTQIA+, black people, people of colour and other minorities on projects not only related to their identity. 
3. If you are a company that releases gender pay gap reports, release your race pay gap data at the same time. 
4. No longer participate in panels that are not representative of the cities, towns, and industries they take place in. 
5. Be transparent about who works for your company, as well as their role, position and permanency.