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V01 w/ Luke Hess

Born in 1980 in Metro Detroit and subject to the city's mid-90's warehouse parties. Luke has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement. His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance floor, using frequencies, tones, and soundscapes.
With numerous EP´s and remixes on other labels like Planet-e, Rekids, Echocord, Kontra-Musik, Dolly, Finale Sessions, Ornaments, and Prime Numbers among others.
In 2010 he began his own interpretation of Detroit techno with his new Detroit project and record label DeepLabs.
His sophomore album ‘Keep On’ was released on FXHE records in 2012 and received a Recommended 4.5/5 rating on Resident Advisor.
After having 15 years of DJ experience, he is regarded as a perfectionist behind the decks layering his tracks in a very detailed and hypnotic manner, playing many notable venues & festivals such as Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Awakenings Festival, Berghain & Panorama Bar - Berlin, Dimensions Festival and many more.

Luke continues to work hard in and out of the studio combined with his unyielding interest in technology and sound will no doubt stimulate the boundaries of electronic music.
Download this mix as a free 16b 44.1k .WAV file (654.8mb, 61.85 min) here ︎     

V02 w/ Giulio Aldinucci 

Giulio Aldinucci was born in Siena (Italy) in 1981. He has been active for years as a composer in the field of experimental electroacoustic music and in the research on soundscape.
He composed eight albums released by the labels Karlrecords, 99chants, Home Normal, Time Released Sound, Dronarivm and Nomadic Kids Republic. Furthermore, he made six EPs and six collaborative albums with The Star Pillow, Ian Hawgood, Francis M. Gri, Francesco Giannico and Pleq published by Midira, Home Normal, KrysaliSound, Dronarivm and Eilean.

In addition to his contribution to various collective works, he wrote music for theatre, video art and cinema. His music is featured in many compilations, including Sound at Work – Electronic Music and Labour created by Tempo Reale, the Italian electronic music research centre founded by Luciano Berio, and the special edition of The Wire Tapper that celebrates the 50th issue with a selection from the series' 20 year back catalogue, among others. His composition Mute Sirens was awarded with an honourable mention at the 18th International Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2017.
Together with Attilio Novellino he launched the project Postcards from Italy which consists of an album published by Oak Editions, live events (the first one took place at Cafe OTO, London) and an installation by AIPS collective & Gianmarco Del Re.
He is the curator of the Soundscape Practice section of AIPS, Italian Archive Soundscapes.
 Download this mix as a free 16b 44.1k .WAV file (678.3mb 62.65 mins) here ︎  

V03 w/ Karim Maas

From UVB-76 Music’s fractal personnel rises Karim Maas. Maas, one of the sonic panjandrums at the core of the labels sound creates aural experience that bleeds between genre and tone with striking ease.
Explicitly undefinable by genre, Maas employs a recurring sound palette that binds his compositions together as a cohesive body of work which is conducive in series. As one-third of RUFFHOUSE and a founding member of production outfit 4 6 2 5, Maas’ obsession with hardware and outboard production kit is demonstrated by the warmth, body and sheer power of his work. 
Download this mix as a free 24b 44.1k .WAV file (973.3mb 61.16 mins) here ︎

V04 w/ Briain

Producer and sound man in more ways than one. Berlin based Briain eats, sleeps and breathes all things music. Resident and promoter of the well-regarded Skizze nights. Briain's inspirations flow from a broad spectrum of sound.
Download this mix as a free 16b 44.1k .WAV file (715.8mb 67:37 mins) here ︎

V05 w/ John Beltran

John Beltran is one of those producers that always seems to elude being pinned to any one category. His early work on Carl Craig's seminal Retroactive imprint sculpted a Detroit classic with hints of Derrick May, world music, and Jazz vibrations. He followed up in 1996 on Peacefrog with arguably one of the most sought after techno classics "Ten Days of Blue," which is still John's most successfully licensed music with songs like "Collage of Dreams" being used in the Miramax film Human Traffic and the HBO hit Six Feet Under. His next project was entitled "The Cry" under the Placid Angles guise which MixMaster Morris charted as one of his favourite albums ever.
Download this mix as a free 24b 44.1k .WAV file (972mb 61.13 mins) here ︎

V06 w/ Mause

Ahead of his debut release on the label, Mause puts together an undivided mix of underground genres, from the rise of classifications like IDM (intelligent dance music) to the notable fast paced jungle breakbeat. Variety is what we enjoy most and of course, Mause has delivered.
Download this mix as a free 320 kbps 48.000 kHz .mp3 file (169mb 64:26 mins) here ︎

V07 w/ Anu Dol

DJ artist Anu Dol hails from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In 2018, she started DJ-ing becoming one of the youngest female DJs in the Mongolian electronic music scene. Her range of sounds is astounding, poetical, nomadic and mysterious - from deep house music, ambient, techno.
As her skills were being developed she joined Majesty Label, which organises and promotes many high profile events and artist. She has been successfully curating “Deeper Sounds” episodical events and has performed at variety of international music festivals, such as Playtime, Hunnu and Intro.
Her DJ sets promoted on ISO Mongolian underground techno club, "Plus Records" , "951Beat" Japan based label and “Platform Minimal” in Glasgow, United Kingdom.
She also performed the long song and morin khuur, which has absorbed Mongolian national culture in her Dj set at the Circular Fashion Summit at the Grand Palais during Paris Fashion Week, United We Stream Asia # 21, Spirit of Gobi Festival Mongolia, and the Wave Cloud club in Delivered to Inner Mongolia.
Download this mix as a free 16b 44.1k .WAV file (536mb 53:04 mins) here ︎

V08 w/ Tarotplane

PJ Dorsey aka Tarotplane joins the labels mix series with a stunning hour mix. The Baltimore artist has mastered his form over the course of numerous 12”s on various labels, including his most recent release titled Horizontology which is a blinding, cosmic ambient electronica transcendence.

His mix for us is a decidedly electronic / ambient based. There are multi-layered tracks of percussion, sound design and stringy rhythms throughout.
Download this mix as a free 24b 44.1k .WAV file (957mb 60 mins) here ︎

V09 w/ Alex Piers

Manager of npm, Alex Piers shows us his take on the V0 Series.
Producer, DJ and label manager Piers is adept at keeping a low profile but is always ready to showcase a set with his own unique take on electronic music, from diverse genre changes to uplifting fast paced tracks formerly switching to slow moods from time to time, we never know what to expect. As well as leading npm, he’s had support several times from the likes of Richie Hawtin on previous releases, but is choosing to take a step back from the studio and focus more of his time on the label. Alex seeks to inspire his listeners with sounds both reduced and rough, balanced by emotional and surprising moments throughout this set.
Download this mix as a free 24b 48kHz .WAV file (912mb 52:48 mins) here ︎

V10 w/ Damie

Direct from Seoul, South Korea. Damie brings her futuristic, raw and rhythmical techno music that touches your mind and your soul, she is truly a talent bound for the stratosphere...
Download this mix as a free 16b 48kHz .WAV file (745mb 64:04 mins) here ︎

V11 w/ IORI

Hailing from Okinawa, now-Tokyo-based producer IORI onc cut his teeth as an assistant for David Mancuso’s revered party, The Loft, in New York City, where he learnt a meticulous sonic mentality from his audiophile mentor. This permeates his carefully-handled arrangements, which have helped make his name and define a series of spacey, atmospheric originals and
remixes for proponent imprints like Phonica and Prologue to name but a few.

Download this mix as a free 16b 48kHz .mp3 file (163mb 67:55 mins) here ︎

V12 w/ Acidfinky

Acidfinky (she/they) is a German/Algerian DJ and producer based in Berlin. She is one of the co-founders of BLVSH, a feminist DJ collective. Together they aim at the diversification of the electronic music scene by doing radio shows, curating interdisciplinary events and teaching beginners how to mix. She is also part of Éclat, a Berlin-based producer collective for female, trans and non-binary artists. You can catch her every eight weeks on THF Radio with « Twisting Knobs », a show which consists of DJ sets and interviews around music and feminism.
Download this mix as a free 24b 44.1kHz .WAV file (1GB 63:38 mins) here ︎

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