npm004 (2023)


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IORI, a master alchemist of spacious atmospheres and cut-throat drums delivers a luscious blend of techno styles on his new ‘Möbius’ EP. Scattered echoes of percussion and skippy synths introduce a dynamic, clinical sound.

The opening track, ‘Möbius’ is a clean assimilation of arpeggiated synth and warbled rhythms that triggers a poignant sense of hope. The track strikes a balance between the blissfully nostalgic and the unknown. ‘Do Nothing’ is a heavier, subterranean track sunken by malicious basslines and expertly clunky drum patterns. The sound travels deeper, yet still carries a reiterative sense of peace with distant floods of harmony. The unnerving crescendo of density throughout the track is enthralling, building to an even more murky place, ‘Reverse Run’. IORI’s playful and digitised sound shines on this track. Dark syncopated kick drums drive this track through sludgy drones with metallic, phased chimes dispersed around the periphery. The listener is propelled into an earthy zone, buried under dark matter.

IORI’s closing track is reinterpreted by Berghain regular Efdemin, bringing a lighter, more contorted sound. With rushing percussion and slow-motion synths, the track is transformed into a psychedelic plane, infinitely large. Around the midpoint, fast-paced acid bass seeps through the track, cementing the sound in a space void of time. A graceful reverie of IORI’s intoxicating ability to world-build. Words by Lewis Dobbs

Track listing

A1 Möbius
A2 Do Nothing
B1 Reverse Run
B2 Reverse Run (Efdemin Remix)


Written & Produced by IORI
Remix by Efdemin
Artwork by Frank Bubenzer

Mastering by Alain Paul, Berlin

Layout by Oliver Sperl

Digital release date March 31st, 2023
Physical TBA

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