XOR - Mause (2021)


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Mause makes his debut release on npm with a stunning 4 track EP entitled ‘XOR’.
Starting with ‘LocriLogAcid Seq’ serving up soothing melodies that make you want to drift away on the dance-floor. ‘SeqTuningMlog Acid1’ proves that Mause isn’t averse to switching up tempos and beats with a powerful, trippy acid induced journey.
The cleverly structured ambient and melodically complex ‘Strimsang [Baecon4]’is reminiscent of early Aphex Twin with pure electronic bliss whilst ‘Sunday Multi Acid Seq20d’ is a strong finish to the EP delving deeper within the realms of electro and acid techno.

Release on digital - July 23rd, 2021  
Release on Vinyl - Around August 11th, 2021 


Artwork by Zac Hacmon

Mastering Alain Paul, Berlin
Layout by Nico Nydegger
Pressed at Handle With Care, Berlin